Brain Research center for Advanced, International, Innovative and Interdisciplinary Neuromodulation.

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To close the gap between science and clinical reality, neuroscientists and clinicians work closely together within BRAI3N, inform and adjust each other.

For example, we can develop new neuromodulation treatments, research them scientifically and apply them clinically in a multidisciplinary framework.

This way, we also extend the knowledge about the functioning of our brains so that we can better help people with chronic disorders.

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Expertscape Ranking

Expertscape, an organization that ranks experts, has Prof. dr. De Ridder and Prof. dr. Vanneste ranked in the top 3 of 4712 experts worldwide for their expertise in tinnitus.

Prof. De Ridder shares first place, while Prof. dr. Vanneste is in place 3. For hearing disorders, both are from a list of 35336 international experts in the top 5.

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New publication

Brai3n researchers, Sven Vanneste and Dirk De Ridder, show in a new scientific contribution that tinnitus consists of different subtypes. This is an essential development in the search for treatments. Possible the different subtypes are treated in different ways. ...

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