Top-down and bottom-up regulated auditory phantom perception

Brai3n onderzoekers, Sven Vanneste en Dirk De Ridder, tonen in een nieuwe wetenschappelijke bijdrage dat tinnitus bestaat uit verschillende subtypes.

Adaptive and maladaptive neural compensatory consequences of sensory deprivation—From a phantom percept perspective

It is suggested that the brain undergoes plastic changes in order to adapt to changing environmental needs. Sensory deprivation results in decreased input to the brain leading to adaptive or maladaptive changes. Although several theories hypothesize the mechanism of these adaptive and maladaptive changes, the course of action taken by the brain heavily depends on the age of incidence of damage.

Occipital Nerve Field Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Normalizes Imbalance Between Pain Detecting and Pain Inhibitory Pathways in Fibromyalgia

Occipital nerve field (OCF) stimulation with subcutaneously implanted electrodes is used to treat headaches, more generalized pain, and even failed back surgery syndrome via unknown mechanisms. Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) can predict the efficacy of implanted electrodes.